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Eccentric fantasy, scifi and xianxia bookworm who’s also a practical romanticist. Frequently called “etvo” by the online community, she split her time growing up between Taiwan and US east coast (whoo VA!) and currently resides in States. She has a full time job but translates wuxia to decompress as well as computer games and other paid gigs. She translates crowd favorites SOTR on Wuxiaworld and GDK here, as well as short stories that strike her fancy here on volareTL.
  • Thanks for the chapter Etvolare and Aruthea! I almost thought you were going to stop posting here since you’ve been late on a couple chapters.

    • etvolare

      Haha no, just that I have work and the donation bar’s been dry, so I technically only need to put out three chapters a week. Why not spread them out over the week then, hey? 😀