HTL Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Hungry Old Wolf

Looking at the System, in the Skill Column, there is now an extra “Wolf God’s Golden Body”.

The joyful me, nodded my head and wagged my tail.

TL Note: Idiom for being pleased with oneself.

Obtaining this bug-like skill, my future isn’t just a dream!

I am already fantasizing in my heart about entering the human world and starting a harem.

Yao Yao, that girl who doesn’t respect herself. He should confine her for one million years.

But it then occurred to me. After I got the skill, the changes to my body didn’t seem too big!

Why aren’t there any impurities being discharged from my body? Why did I not become keen and alert? Why does my body feel just as fragile and weak as before, and not a feeling that I can one punch Xiao Bai to death?

TL Note: Xiao Bai = Pretty boy, idiot, fool, also a typical dog name….

What’s going on with this thing?

Perhaps the skill hasn’t started up yet?

After searching for a while, I poked the “Wolf God’s Golden Body” and the System immediately switched screens and added a lot of introduction.

“Wolf God’s Golden Body: Doctor Hui Tai Lang’s work of blood, sweat and tears. It is an external Divine Art to refine one’s body. Theoretically, this Divine Art can allow the body to achieve immunity from all harm and improve one’s recovering ability through  unceasing strikes to oneself. It has a total of ten stages. (Notes: 1. When the practitioner of this Divine Art reaches culmination, he is theoretically invincible, it’s just that no one has tried it before. 2. This practice is a process of self-abuse. if there is no pain, there will be no progress. Of course, when the damage that the practitioner suffered passed the body’s ability to endure, it is possible to die. 3. This godly cultivation can only be practiced by the beings that possessed the blood of the wolf race. If the other race cultivated it, I, the doctor, will not be shoulder any law or moral responsibility.)”

At the bottom, there was an “Activate” this one word. My claw goes and pats it.

Very quickly, a large amount of information spilled out in an unending stream into my small head. I nearly fainted.

Only after that suffering did I discover that a red line appeared on the System with a label behind it: Stage of Experience: 0%.

How can it be like this?

I almost can’t believe my own eyes.

Don’t all the web novels say, when you do missions and stuff and get a skill, it is directly installed and successful?

How come when I get to this point, it is necessary for me to gain experience to?

I have an urge to bite all web authors to death. You guys have obviously never transmigrated before, so don’t write random fictional plots!

Why aren’t web authors recognized by the masses?

It’s because they write without basis and no sense of responsibility, not even considering the subtle influence their own work would have on their readers, letting the readers go astray.

If they all tried it before they start writing, then those who write being transmigrated from being hit by a car should be hit by a car; those who write transmigration from jumping into the water, go drown themselves; those who write from transmigration from being electrocuted, go and try high voltage and the following explosive feeling…… It will certainly make the whole world hold online writers in high esteem, becoming the world’s model worker is also not impossible!

Of course, I also have the potential to become a glorious and devoted martyr of communism.

I’m currently thinking: Turning off the System Fairy, was it right or wrong?

But asking me to release Yao Yao, it’s not happening. That sentence she left behind as she disappeared, even thinking about it now horrifies people.

Finding a stone, my small claws softly patted down and turned my head to look at the experience value. There wasn’t the slightest bit of movement.

Using a bit more force, the experience value still doesn’t have any movement.

Perhaps I was being too soft?

I need to grit my teeth and bear the pain. For the happiness and livelihood of tomorrow, I’ll stake it all!

My small claws resolutely patted the rock, paining me to the point I almost shedded tears. But since I didn’t hear any “ka-ca” sounds, them my bones probably didn’t break.

With my lame leg, I lay on the floor and took a look at the experience value: 0.01%.

This simply isn’t for humans to practice!

I can only say it like that.

Which mental case would have the spare time to go and do self-harm?

I am not a mental case.

But how could I not practice this Divine skill?

The surroundings were extremely quiet. You could hear the distant white wolves howl occasionally.

The night doesn’t affect a wolf’s vision. A few white wolves were lightly walking around. There were hunting activities even at night. The wolves that were left behind were all pretty much elderly and sick wolves.

Wolves, really live freely and without suffering restraints.

But if you didn’t have strength, then you definitely won’t live long. The Wolf Race have no specific charity. Those without fighting strength, practically exists right on the edge of death.

I indeed like the wolves freedom. But this freedom is based on power.

At the same time, I really want to enter the human world of this world and take a look. But without strength, I don’t even need to think about it. The type of morality and conduct a humans has, I’m all too clear about.

I’m afraid that just as I get close to a city, my tendons will be plucked and my pelt stripped!

As if I’ll believe that all the people of this world are part of the Animal Protection Organization.

Then again, I’m not a Great Panda.

Except for Dummy and Miki, every wolf in the pack rejects me.

Dummy is a female lone fighter with an above average fighting strength, while Miki is simply a wolf cub. To be honest, staying within this wolf pack, I don’t feel the slightest bit of sense of security.

I really thirst for power.

I also long to interact with others; I really want to become a person.

Looking at the twinkling starry sky, I really want to sing 《I am a Wolf From the North》.

I’m afraid that Yao Yao is the only one who I can interact with!

RIght now, I genuinely miss her a little.

Licking my wounded foreleg, it really is awkward. I cannot lick the flesh, so I can only lick fur.

It would be great if I can take off this layer of fur.

Under the stars, on the prairie, who can understand this bro’s depression and loneliness?  

Another old white wolf passed by me, his savage and greedy eyes sweeping my body. His long tongue licked his large mouth and flowed out disgusting drool.

I suddenly remembered. The wolves came back after only a single trip today, the food they brought back wasn’t enough.

A few days before, the wolf pack would always be able to bring back enough food. The young wolves would be able to eat the leftovers and the old wolves can also settle their stomach. However today, dozens of old wolves seems to have gotten nothing.

In the case where there is a lack food, the wolf packs always gives priority to the young wolves.

This is exactly the cruelty of the wolf pack world.

“System Mission: Escape from the Old Wolf’s hunting. It is really hungry, and wants to use you to fill his stomach; Mission Reward: Unknown!”

Yao Yao’s melodic voice ranged out by his ear.

I was stunned.

“Hurry up and run, you idiot!” Yao Yao loudly shouted.

Needless to say, I also know. This old wolf has something planned for me, I don’t even have time to care why Yao Yao came out.

I turned and ran, fearing for my life. The only place that will allow me to feel safe is where my adoptive mother is!

But that place is more than 30 meters away. Even if I start running first, how can I escape from the old wolf’s pursuit?

Around 10 meters in, the old wolf had already caught up. All of a sudden, he tripped me, and I went headlong into a tumble. After a few rolls, I stood up from the ground.

But unfortunately I was already too late. I only felt pain in my hind leg and my body was in midair. With a “ka-ca” sound, this time a bone really broke.

A few drops of fresh blood dripped onto the underbrush.

I loudly cried out, but there was no response.

Don’t tell me that I’ll be eaten by a hungry old wolf just like that?

I’m really not reconciled!

I can’t even die with a blast!

The old wolf flung me with all his strength, and I flew seven or eight meters. My body fell down heavily, almost knocking me dizzy.

“Hurry up and stand up! Quickly run to where your mother is!” Yao Yao shouted loudly.


One of my hind legs has already lost all feeling.

But the direction the old wolf had flung me pushed me closer to where my adopted mother is.

Fueled by my instinctual desire to survive, I kept limping to where adopted mother was while incessantly sending out painful “ao ao” sounds, hoping she would wake up faster.

But she simply did not wake up.

By the time I crawled to where that lump of meat was, the old wolf was already standing by my side.

At the critical moment, I was hit by an inspiration. With one leg, I swept the meat to where the old wolf was. He sniffed it and swallowed it in one gulp, not even bothering to chew it and not even afraid of choking to death.

But this allowed me to win some precious time.

I, your father, can’t die!

With a bite, I bit down on adoptive mother’s ear. And unyieldingly bit through her ear.

Adopted mother, don’t blame me, just think of it as me giving you a piercing. I will give you a pair of diamond earrings in the future.

Under the stimulus of the pain, adopted mother stood up at once.

With my supporter awake, the old wolf was finally fearful.

Letting out a breath of air, only then did I notice that my thigh was already drenched in blood. The skin was even ripped away, exposing the white bone beneath. It really motherf*cking hurts. I think it’ll be deformed.

I extremely hate this old wolf.

Adopted mother, that old bastard dares to bully your obedient son! Hurry up and bite him to death!

Adopted mother licked my wound a bit, making me gasp from the pain. Which side are you?

But seeing her turn and half lower her body, making battle preparations against the old wolf, I couldn’t very well lecture her.

“Xiao Hui Hui, be careful.” Yao Yao’s voice appeared again.

“What’s going on?”

“The System hasn’t said that the mission is completed!”

I raised my head to take a look, and more than ten bright eyes appeared in my surroundings.

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