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Chapter 1: Shameless Man (1)

The Dongyue mainland.

A strong wind blew past at the top of a tall mountain.

Xia Ruoyun stood silently at the mountain peak, her black hair tangling with the wind, her cold gaze focused on a group of people. In that group, there was a luxuriously dressed middle-aged man.

The indifference and dense cold in the man’s eyes chilled her from head to toe, wrapping around her heart.

“Xia Ruoyun, after running for so long, let’s see where you can escape to now!”

The middle-aged man sneered with a touch of cold, his eyes as if he were looking at an irreconcilable enemy, as if the girl in front of him did not carry his blood in her veins!

“The Ancient Divine Pagoda was something that grandfather gave to me while he was alive, I won’t give it to anyone no matter what!”

Xia Ruoyun’s voice held the hatred that she was unable to suppress.

Back then, because of grandfather’s one sentence: the one who marries the Yun family’s daughter will become the young master of the Xia family, because of that, this so-called father of hers abandoned his childhood lover and won the favour of her mother.

And on the very month that her mother married him, he brought his lover into the Xia family and made her a concubine.

As the Xia family’s young master, he could have as many concubines as he wanted, and her mother could do nothing but spend her days in tears.

If grandfather didn’t feel sorry for her, she was afraid that her mother would have had no status in the Xia family.

Xia Ming’s face fell, and he said bitterly: “You vicious woman, the Ancient Divine Pagoda originally belonged to Chuxue, but you’re still trying to rationalise your actions after snatching it away from her! Don’t forget, when Chuxue was born, there was a vision from heaven and the diviner asserted that she is the reincarnation of the ancient phoenix Zixie! My father was senile in his old age, otherwise he wouldn’t have given the Ancient Divine Pagoda to you. Now that he has passed away, I will correct this mistake!”

Ha ha ha!

Xia Ruoyun laughed out loud; the sound continued echoing in the mountain valley for a long time.

“Have you forgotten that the day Xia Chuxue was born, was also the day of my birth! Grandfather must have had a reason for giving me the Ancient Divine Pagoda, but you…”

She laughed with ridicule: “For the sake of getting the Ancient Divine Pagoda, you tortured me, and when my mother tried to save me, you abused her to her death! My maternal grandfather and his family were also destroyed by your own hands! Are you even still human? For the sake of another daughter, you didn’t even hesitate to kill your own wife!”

“Hmph!” Xia Ming snorted coolly, and said with a cold face, “She was not worthy of being my wife! Even if she had not died for your sake, I wouldn’t have let her live anyway! Only with her dead, can my beloved woman take her place!”

Xia Ruoyun shut her eyes in grief, her mother’s bleak look still carved into her heart.

She gave up!

She wanted to give up the Ancient Divine Pagoda her grandfather had entrusted to her in exchange for her mother’s life, but her mother seemed to know what she wanted to do and used her death to protect the Ancient Divine Pagoda…

Even now, thinking about it brought a piercing pain in her heart!

“Xia Ming, you will definitely regret all that you have done! A man as treacherous and ruthless as you, will one day be spurned by everyone, never to come back!”

“Regret?” Xia Ming mockingly laughed, “Do you know what rumours are spreading outside now? You, Xia Ruoyun, in extreme arrogance, provoked an enemy you shouldn’t have, and that enemy massacred the Yun family after failing to find you! And I, Xia Ming, am currently in deep mourning and pain after your mother’s death, even Chuxue fainted out of sadness. Only you, this daughter, after bringing them such a disaster, are in hiding, becoming a coward, but…… ha ha ha! Your mother wasn’t even buried in the Xia family’s ancestral graves! Her corpse has already been thrown into a mass grave for the wolves to feast on! Our Xia family’s ancestral graves are definitely not for any woman to enter!”

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  • I feel sad for her… that i want to chop that father of hers to be fed by pigs… it seems being fed by beast is being merciful to him, so I’ll just choose pigs….

    thank u ^_^

    • timebun

      Yeah he’s really terrible D:

    • Cactuar

      You have to wonder at her mother’s intelligence though, how did this guy ‘get her favor’ considering she should already have known about his previous lover? Also her grandfather was still around when he showed his true colors, but did nothing about it 🙁

  • Thank you for new novel looks interesting….

    • timebun

      You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy reading this series! 🙂