Schedule: 2 chapters a week

Translators: Premonition, Lem0nPEEL

Editors: Khuja, Asvare

Author:  圣骑士的传说 (Legend of the Sacred Knight)



On a certain day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined a deeply afflicted Xianxia chuunibyou(Year 2 middle school disease) chat group, the group members inside all address each other as ‘fellow daoist’. Their contact cards are all either Sect Master, Cave Master, Spiritual Master or Heavenly Expert. Even the group master’s missing pet dog named Great Devil Dog abandoned his home. They chat all day about things like concocting pills, intruding mysterious territories, martial arts experiences and more.

One day, he abruptly realizes after lurking for a long time that…… In this group, every single group member is actually a real cultivator, with the ability to move mountains and drain seas, the kind that can live for thousands of years!
Ah ah ah ah, My worldview has utterly collapsed in a single night!

Genre: Comedy, Modern, Xianxia

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Chapter 1 : Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch and Nine Provinces (1) Group
Chapter 2: Please Wait For Esteemed Me To Divinate
Chapter 3: One Pill Recipe
Chapter 4: H City’s 3rd stage – Houtian lightning tribulation
Chapter 5: I Believe In Science!
Chapter 6: Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master
Chapter 7 : The Group Of Delinquents That Got Wiped Out
Chapter 8: Soft Feather and the Luo Xin Street
Chapter 9: The Other Luo Xin Street
Chapter 10: A Brief Interlude While Strolling In The Streets
Chapter 11: Turn back suddenly, and discover that your destined person is there, by the waning lantern lights.
Chapter 12: Senior Song, your phone is also out of battery
Chapter 13: If……
Chapter 14: Let me send two chests of medicinal ingredients as my gift of thanks
Chapter 15: Professor Renshui’s Injury
Chapter 16: This matter feels a tad abnormal!
Chapter 17: Investigation for Ghost Lamp Temple
Chapter 18: Meeting familiar faces in another place
Chapter 19: Ghost Lamp Temple 50 years ago
Chapter 20: Spirit Ghost
Chapter 21: Poison Dragon Grass, how dangerous!
Chapter 22: An Unexpected Gift
Chapter 23: Spiritual Butterfly Respected Sage’s Scheme
Chapter 24: Student Song Shuhang, here’s your express delivery
Chapter 25: The Two Boxes of Herbs
Chapter 26: My Extraordinary Pill Furnace
Chapter 27: Refining the Body Tempering Liquid!
Chapter 28: Last resort in a desperate situation, let’s go!
Chapter 29: Running under the setting sun, this is the youthfulness I lost
Chapter 30: Learning the truth in the morning, even if death comes in the evening it’s worth it!
Chapter 31: North River’s Loose Practitioner’s liver hurts
Chapter 32: Loose cultivators and sects
Chapter 33: Cultivation, is at my fingertips
Chapter 34: Medicine Master and reward
Chapter 35: Do not be embarrassed, reply to me loudly!
Chapter 36: The young lady surrounded by hoodlums
Chapter 37: Do all little girls these days all have so much character?
Chapter 38: The way a cultivator opens doors
Chapter 39: Don’t worry, just a broken leg would suffice!
Chapter 40: This is a pretty fine Poison Dragon Grass
Chapter 41: Foundation building techniques

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      The dilemma faced by all Daoists! But the path of cultivation is a long and ardous one, patience and perserverence is a must. And ultimately, the key to understanding the Dao is to seek enlightenment in Mandarin

    • I just read through them – My personal recommendation is to wait and binge read! So far it’s very interesting and I got pretty hooked on it, the downside being that I ran out of chapters VERY fast. Save yourself =( don’t end up like me.. WAIT AND BINGE!

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