Do you want to share an awesome story with the world? Hone your Chinese skills with flowery language? Or want to contribute to a faster pace of your favorite novels?

Please email etvolare at [email protected] if you’d like to start a new series.

Please email the respective series if you’d like to join their team:

Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass: etvolare

Apartment from Hell: Lem0nPEEL

Celestial Employee: FallenS0ul

Cultivation Chat Group: Premonition

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei: 1314dreamer

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort: timebun

Falling Dreams of Fang Hua: Ruyi

Fleeting Midsummer: tranzgeek

Great Demon King: etvolare

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO: Premonition

Release that Witch: Roxerer

Sovereign of the Three Realms: etvolare

Star Rank Hunter: Craxuan

Sword Spirit: Beehugger

True Cultivators: Hungry



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  • Hi Etvolare I was wondering if you need a grammar editor for Sword Spirit. I noticed that a lot of sentences in the series are badly structured which interferes with flow when reading. I would like to offer my assistance if you still need it.

    • etvolare

      Hi Quil, thank you for reaching out! I’m not the translator of Sword Spirit, that’d be Beehugger! Please leave him a comment on the Sword Spirit table of contents. 🙂