volaretranslations was founded in Dec 2015, and is an off the beaten path translating shop with an amazing select coterie of novels:


etvolare (GDK, SOTR, owner) – Eccentric fantasy, scifi and xianxia bookworm who’s also a practical romanticist. Frequently called “etvo” by the online community, she split her time growing up between Taiwan and US east coast (whoo VA!) and currently resides in the US. She has a full time job but translates wuxia to decompress as well as computer games and other paid gigs. She translates crowd favorites SOTR on Wuxiaworld and GDK here, as well as short stories that strike her fancy here on volareTL. Always on the lookout for a twist on mainstream stories, now let’s go fly into a good story!

SOTR is published 3x a week and GDK on MWF. Lazurite is published whenever!


Beehugger (SS) – A soon to graduate college undergrad student who enjoys reading and translating and procrastinating from his mountains of homework. He also plays Hearthstone for those who are interested in that.

SS is published 3x a week.

Craxuan (SRH) – Hey guys, it’s Craxuan. Currently I’m translating Single Player OnlySpirit Realm and now Star Rank Hunter. The reason I picked this up was because there are a lot of Wuxia Xianxia translated stories out there, but not nearly enough in other genres like horror, sci-fi, slice of life etc. I aim to change this slowly, starting with Star Rank Hunter. I sure hope y’all will enjoy this!

SRH is published ~3x a week.

Dreamer (DWGMSFF) – A student who escapes reality with Chinese books and dramas. She likes to stay awake till the wee hours to read and translate, and so got great big panda eyes. Likes to translate funny, ancient books. Hope you all enjoy my translations!

DWGMSFF is published 2x a week.

Fallens0ul (CE) – 

CE is published 3x a week.

Hungry (True Cultivators) – Hi guys, I’m Hungry and I love food because it’s the most amazing thing in the world next to girls and of course novels! My hobbies include sleeping, eating, and traveling. If I could be one thing in the world, I would be me, because I love me and as for if there’s anything special about me, there’s really isn’t. I’m just an average human, looking for the meaning in life, who also finds joy through meeting reading light novels. Ya’ll can hit me up, and I’ll reply asap as long as I’m not eating or sleeping. I get grumpy without coffee… OHHH MUST MENTION MY LOVE FOR COFFEE. It is THE most amazing discovery of man!

True Cultivators is published 3x a week.

Lem0nPEEL (AH) – A squishy but fluffy lemon. It types by rolling around on the keyboard.

AH is published 2x a week, both chapters are published at the same time.

Premonition (CCG, CEO) – Also edits SOTR and has recently rediscovered League.

CCG is published 2x a week and CEO 3x a week.

Roxerer (RW)

RW is published 4x a week.

Ruyi (FDFH) – Rogue translator found and caught in the wild, always munching through raws for the next great plot twist, spoiler, or power-up item. Currently in search of the fabled No Typo Paradise.

FDFH is published in batches 2x a week.

Timebun (EEWC) – Translating novels is how I procrastinate on schoolwork. \o7

EEWC is published 1x a week.

Tranzgeek (FM) – Fellow student who can only wish that my academic career can be filled with lots of luck just like Lin Lin. Please send me more meat pies!!! If only I could brain fart through class… anyways be sure to check out the other place I live: tranzgeek.wordpress.com where I talk about upcoming adaptations and translate some more novels that have a more realistic feel to them.

FM is published 2x a week.

etvolare’s Editors:

Aruthea (SOTR, computer games) – A big fan of anime and manga. I recently got into reading Chinese web novels and I am proud to say I am no longer a leecher leeching for novels! I am also a writer, but unfortunately procrastination and writer’s block tend to hit me often, so you may never see any of these stories anytime soon. I am a lurker, so… good luck trying to spot me!

Based Jessica (GDK) – I’m just here.

Crimsonguard (SOTR) – An avid fan of the fantasy genre. His interest for a good read can only be matched by a good game or a good show. An editor who thinks that with sufficient writing skills a cliche can only be matched by a good pun.

Deyna (GDK, SOTR) – Who? Me? Let’s just say an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug twenty years ago.

Kidyeon (computer games) – Prolific editor who loves editing ’till the wee hours of the morning.  Constantly stays up till 4 AM editing, and etvolare hates when she has to turn in a chapter to him and make him do it around that time – she feels she’s the cause.  Edits for at least 20 different things, doesn’t really care to count, and probably has his name spread out quite a lot if you know where to look.  Really likes to play video games, and loves finding new games that are interesting.  (This means that, in the comments if you wanna show love, point out new and innovative games!)

Jafz (SOTR) – Big wuxia and LN reader, editing a novel and edit others from time to time. Enjoyed SOTR from day one and now I’m here.

Lem0nPEEL (SOTR, Lazurite) – Lazy nerd cat who wastes her days away binge watching various anime and breeding Pokemon. Talk to me about Maplestory and watch me hyperventilate. This cat edits a couple of novels and does some odd-job translations from time to time.

Premonition (SOTR) – Currently translating My Wife is a Beautiful CEO and CCG. Loves playing DOTA 2!

Studmonster (SOTR) – Classic editor who enjoys just chilling. Really enjoys the likes of John Grisham, Michael Chrichton, and Eoin Colfer (throwback to the Artemis Fowl days). Currently a college student/aiming to become a consultant! Also loves playing video games and watching TV. A lot of TV. Scrubs, Parks and Rec, Suits, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, The Office, The Flash, Arrow…. the list goes on. Enjoys SOTR immensely, as well as the company of the TLer everyone knows and loves… ETVOLARE!


Broosk – etvo likes to call him the lifesaver as her eyes just tend to bug out whenever there’s any technical discussion (aptly termed by Broosk the goldfish effect). This wondrous technomancer manages the server of many of the translation sites, odds are he’s responsible for keeping some of your favorite novels online.

 Special shout out to Tamashii and Mitch as well!


  • kskx

    I just love this translation group. Why? well all my favourite series are translated/edited by you guys(even the CEO wife).

  • Zeckzen

    Thank you for your hard work. *bowing 90°(although clumsilly)

  • Odin

    Hello and thanks to the team for their hard work. @Kidyeon I would like to recommend the game “Romancing Saga” to you on the ps2. I know, it is an old game and console that is pretty much outdated now. But I kid you not, the game is unique in graphics and game progress. It is not an easy game to beat and even harder to get 100% play through, considering it takes multiple time and different character. And since I am at it, I might as well include the fact that you can choose between more than 5 characters as the main and recruit any of them and others along the way of your journey. It is underrated and not well known in the gaming communities as far as I have seen but, it will blow your socks off and you will wonder why you had never heard of this game before. It is such an amazing game and is easily in my top 10 as greatest game I had ever played. And I have had played my shared of video games. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=DdvKBOcTjuM

    @etlvolare just want to ask what games have had you worked? If it is private and undisclosed thing, I understand you not answering.

    @Studmonster I loved the Artemis Fowl series and had read and bought each book. Lep-Recon

    @Based Jessica we are all just here to have fun and kill time. I see you mastered the art of, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

    • Kidyeon

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 *infinite happiness*

  • Lolsunni

    Thank for all the spare time in sharing this interesting saga

  • Busybee

    Hi . Thanks for all the hard work in bringing us the translations without fail. You guys rock.

    • Sounds like wonderful adventures. I think the real art in writing comes from not just observing and writing what you are seeing, but inttrpreeing that observation in your own unique way.